Our son is entering the 1st Grade. But just as the doors to the Waldorf School that we'd sent him to for Kindergarten were opening, we were leaving town. The solution? Pack up the education and bring it along for the ride.
roadschooling (verb)
teaching a school-aged child while in travel, as in "homeschooling" but when the home is not necessarily a fixed geographical position

What have we thus far?

Well, like we said, he begun his schooltime career in the wonderful world of Waldorf. For those of you not familiar with the concept of Waldorf, it's a method of teaching that emphasizes allowing children to enjoy youth, grow at a more natural pace, and focuses on something known as "the whole child" approach to learning, rather than breaking everything down into subjects and forcing memorization. It's a little out there, sometimes awkwardly close to cultish, but we all love it (parents and child). It seems to work well at kindergarten level, before he goes to junior high, joins the ranks of college folk desperate to get a degree or generally becomes a life-long student of life. For more information on Waldorf education, read the ever-informative Wikipedia article or have a look at this Waldorf School of Pittsburgh page which sums it up quite well. In that vein, Barbara Dewey of Waldorf Without Walls was recommended to us by Tristan's kindergarten teacher. She's a consultant for homeschoolers and was very happy to assist us in our similar roadschooling needs, helping us plan our year's curriculum out, providing insight into how to best approach the balance of teaching, working and living the good times, as well specifically writing some loose curriculum for us to develop our own lesson plan around. Barbara is very affordable, available throughout the entire year (not just the school year) and thus far has been a great boon to our efforts.