Traveler’s Resources

We've started small but will build on these maps and other useful items for the traveling type. Here's what we have to offer thus far.

Whole Foods Google Map

A Google Map of, you guessed it, every Whole Foods in the United States (plus a couple in Canada). The map also contains all of the Wild Oats stores that Whole Foods acquired and are now becoming Whole Foods.

More Maps

We have plenty of other maps as well, to help you with ideas of where you might want to head next or getting around particular cities.

Passport AmericaPassport America

Passport America is basically a club that gets you 50% discounts "on over 1400 campgrounds in the US, Canada and Mexico" as they put it. They have an easy to use interactive map on their site that you can look up sites with. Most places will only let you stay for a couple of nights with the discount, but it is a heavy discount and so well worth the $44 / year you have to pony up to be a member. Buy 10 Get 1 Free

You live in an RV, so why would you need to stay in a hotel, right? Well that may be all well and true for the majority of RVers, but for those who like to explore cities now and then, you might find yourself with the closest RV park too far away to just go and visit a city and then drive back that night, or for whatever reason you might find yourself needing a hotel. This offer is so cool because after you've reserved 10 different stays with, they'll give you a free night's stay worth up to $400! So you can get a luxury hotel for less than it may have cost you to stay in the other 10 hotels all together (though that'd be pushing it)!

Links to Other Useful Sites

  • Families on the Road is a website about all types of families living a similar lifestyle to our own.
  • Waldorf without Walls is the website of Barbara Dewey, a homeschooling consultant who specializes in teaching using the Waldorf methodology, which basically is keeping things simple, back to nature, and learning both at the pace of the child and emphasizing the "whole child" vs. just memorizing, etc. We use Barbara and think she was very helpful with getting us started.
  • RV Copilot. Search engines don't always understand the needs of the common RVer. For example, should you type in RV Park or RV Campground or neither? RV Copilot has a decently extensive listing of everything from parks to restaurants to repairs.