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So you want to have a fireside chat, eh? We can be contacted for a variety of reasons, popular ones being to ask about advertising on the site, just to say hi, or to ask us what our favorite brand of vegemite would be. There's a Commonly Asked Questions section below, or a CAQ, if you will. Will you? If not, you can always send Nathan an email at nathan and the ol' at symbol followed by

Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ)

Do You Accept Advertising? We have the following advertising opportunities available. Each of these spots are only available to one advertiser at a time, to cut down on clutter and maximize the affect of ads.
  • Homepage Ad, approximately 185 x 75 pixels. 1 month $200, 1 year $2000.
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Why are you doing this? It's fun, we get to live a simple life, travel and spend lots of wholesome family time together. Plus, it totally freaks out the man and if there's one thing we all know, the man is kind of a jerk. Or something. How many MPG does your RV get? A crappy amount. It's close to only 7 mpg. We don't drive it very often, though. It's not like we're driving 87 miles a day or anything, which is what the average American drives. Other than to get us from place to place, we don't typically use the RV for driving at all. We bike, walk and take public transportation almost everywhere we go. Our family loves to walk and we can easily cover 6 miles on an average day of touring around a city, sometimes many, many more. Nathan wears through a pair of shoes every six months, and he wears them until they've got big holes in the soles. Holy soles are the best kind. What is your favorite brand of vegemite? To my knowledge, Kraft is the only brand of vegemite. It's an Australian thing that Olivia introduced to the family. It looks a little gross, but tastes a lotta good. How many states have you been through? That question is a little perverted, we don't come into your bathroom and snoop around your toiletries do we? I'm not sure how many states we've been to, or how much we travel all in all, but it's not as much as you'd expect and quite a bit more than you'd think. When will you stop? We planned on doing this for a year. We began in August 2008. No one can tell the future, and we don't attempt to do so, but some of us wish it will never have to end.