What in the who-haw is a Tumblewagon?

Tumblewagon n.
: A 29' Dutchmen Class C RV, home of the family Swartz
: A young family of three
: A website chronicling the life and times of an American roadtrip
Here at Tumblewagon we're basically just putting up video, audio, pictures and stories about our life on the road. We're a family of three, Olivia, Tristan and Nathan, traveling the US and North America for a year while living in our RV.

So who are you guys?

Nathan grew up near Johnstown, PA in a small town named Nanty Glo. He'd been road tripping for years when eventually a little boy popped into his world. Thus, Tristan was entered the world in a hospital near downtown Pittsburgh in October of 2001. He and his dad, Nathan, lived in Pittsburgh and Erie together until one day they met Olivia, a South African living in Brighton, England. Sparks flew, Nathan and Olivia got married, and now the three are all over the United States together.

Okay, but how do you afford it?

We're not lottery winners or trust fund kids, nor are we on the lamb and robbing ourselves some gas stations on the way. We're freelance web designers, and so we can work from wherever we can get an Internet connection. If you'd like to learn more about the gadgets we use to make it all happen, check out our Technology section.