Campground Review: Scarlett Knob Campground, Ohiopyle PA

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Review Stats

Bathrooms 3/5
Scenery 3/5
Store 3/5
Activities 5/5
Privacy 3/5
Noise 1/5
Hookups water/electric
WiFi none
Fires allowed
Alcohol allowed
Sprint 2 bars
AT&T 2 bars
This is one of three options for camping in or near Ohiopyle State Park, along with Jellystone and Kentuck Campground, the state park's own campground. Where Kentuck offers ample space for each campground, Scarlett Knob packs you in quite tightly, and only has one really suitable RV spot for anything larger than 20'. This campground is very serious about it's quiet hours, 9pm - 9am, so if you're looking for a quiet place to stay for the night, you may be in luck. If you're not a 3rd grader though, 9pm might seem a bit early for complete and utter silence. The roads into the campground (ie, the roads that take you to your actual camping spot) are pretty rocky dirt roads, but nothing overly dangerous, though if you take a wrong turn in an RV, you might find yourself still trying to back out or in need of a tow truck a few hours later. For roadtripping campers though, these same roads offer some nice twisty trails that'll give you ample seclusion from your fellow campers. There is a little store where you need to register on the way in, and it has snacks and some basic food items, plus a decent little bathroom around back. No showers that I'd seen, and no paper towels, but if you just need a clean place to relieve yourself, you're surely in luck. There are other, much more primitive, bathrooms in the camping area, though I didn't personally visit them. I was told they're quite the stanky house, though. The owner was a little strange, again he kept emphasizing how quiet we should be after 9pm, and though alcohol is allowed in one part of the campground, it wasn't allowed in the section we were in, called the "Family Area." Later, he simply told us to "be discreet." This campground is even closer to Ohiopyle proper, and due to that it really shines as a nice, convenient place to stay while you're frequenting all of the things you can do in Ohiopyle State Park itself, and the surrounding area (including whitewater rafting, swimming, fishing, biking, kayaking, and a couple of gems of Frank Lloyd Wright's).

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